Everything Oil paint

Here are the materials you will need to use when painting in oil paint. Invest in good materials is worth your while. We will be using Royal Talens products because they are renowned for their good quality. Instead of using canvas, we are using oil paint paper which is a great product to start oil painting on. It is a little cheaper and easier to store. Here is a list of the things that you will need. When you click on the links it will take you to Bol.com where you can purchase your products. If items are not in stock you can always get them in an art supply store near you.

Royal Talens oil paint – 24 tubes – 12 ml. 

Royal Talens Oil paint paper to paint on 

A set of seven Gold Line brushes for oil paint 

Royal Talens odourless white spirit to clean your brushes with 

Bob Ross oil paint medium to thin down your oil paint with 


You can also take a look in art stores like Goedman, Artifac or Pipo’s in town.

Royal Talens tear off palette to mix your paint on

Palette knives to mix your paint with or to use on your oil paper or canvas

Masking tape to stick your paper down with or mask from paint

  Some tissue paper, rag or old T-shirt is useful for wiping your brushes on.

Some ‘Gele driehoekzeep’ soap helps keep your brushes really clean and ready to use for the next time.

An aluminium tray to put your tear off palette sheets on to and mix your paint