Easter Crafts

A nice long weekend to enjoy making some fun Easter Crafts! These Easter crafts will look great on your Easter table. Here is how you can make fluffy Easter sheeep, cute Easter chicks and some cheeky Easter bunnies that can hold all your chocolate eggs.┬áLet’s get started:
How to make Easter sheep
To make these Easter sheep you will need some wooden pegs, some cardboard, black and white paint and colourful wool. Cut out the shape of a body and head from your cardboard. Fix the pegs on the body where the legs would be. Make sure that one end of the wool is pegged down so you are ready to wrap the wool around the body. Go round and round and round …. and round…. so that you create a nice plump looking sheep. Stick on some ears and paint the eyes in to give your sheep a unique look. You can draw on a cheeky smile if you like. Take a look at the tutorial below and make your own sheep. Have fun!

How to make Easter chicks
These Easter chicks are made from clay. As we are based in Holland, we bought some clay from the HEMA. You can also purchase the googly eyes, paint and the felt. Make a chick shape using two balls of clay, one small and one bigger one. Try making a beak by pinching the head a little at the front. Puch two googly eyes in at the sides of the head and let it dry. You can paint it all sorts of colours and add some colourful felt at the bottom. A layer of varnish will make it look nice and shiny. Watch the tutorial for some inspiration. Let us know what kind of Easter chick you make!

How to make an Easter bunny
This Easter bunny is a charakter and he will hold all your Easter eggs for you. Use the free template (download it here) to make the perfect shape. You will need colourful paper,a pair of scissors, some pens, pink paint and a cup. Cut out your Easter bunny and draw a happy face on it’s head. Add the paws on the front and on the back of the cut out shape. Paint the paws pink and let them dry. Wrap the bunny around your cup and stick the bottom paws together. Full up your cup with eggs and Bob’s your uncle. You can take a look at the tutorial here and take a look at the ones we made earlier. Have fun making these Easter bunnies.

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