Easter bunny made of paper

Let’s make a cute Easter bunny out of paper, holding a cup full of chocolate Easter eggs. You can make them from different coloured paper and decorate yourself. They look nice on your Easter table.

You will need:
– A4 paper in a nice colour
– a pair of scissors
– markers or paints
– glue
– pegs or paper clips
– cup
– Easter eggs
Рthe template Studio-Jocelyn-Eater-bunny-template
the tutorial video

Step 1.
Download the free template and cut it out.

Step 2.
Draw or paint the bunny’s face, ears and paws. Don’t forget to draw or paint the paws on the back. You can also paint a cute tail on the back or stick something on yourself.

Step 3.
When your Easter bunny is dry, you can fold it around your cup. Look carefully where the legs meet and glue them together. Make sure that the paws do not come loose before they have dried. You can secure them with a paper clip or a peg.

Step 4.
Fill your Easter bunny cup with Easter eggs and put it on your beautiful Easter table.

Have fun making it!

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