Drawing and painting in the Autumn

Do you want to offer your kids something els other than the i-pad and screen time? Then this is the place to be. Turn the television off and look at our Tutorials together with your kids and make some cute hegde hogs, wize owls and poisonous toadstools.

Do you realise how important drawing and painting is for kids? Especially in a world full of television, computer games and i-pad screens. Also the amount of homework that kids get these days is clogging up creative time! Read about the five most important reasons and how you can improve fine motor skills, concentration and creativity. It’s just as important for kids to have fun and relax. Take a break from times tables, spelling and tests.

This is what you need to make some fun autumn paintings.
– cardboard
– acrylic paint
– a pencil
– an old creditcard or piece of plastic
– brushes
– patience

Make sure that you use some old newspapers on the surface of your table. Follow the Tutorials step by step and you can make some awsome autumn art for in your room. For more inspiration take a look at the Autumn Exhibition that our kids made during the art classes in our studio.

If you want more ideas for drawing and painting, take a look at our Studio Jocelyn Youtube kanaal and try out some origami foxes and parrots or the Zentangles which might make you a little bit dizzy…

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