DIY Halloween Horns

This is how you make the best horns for Halloween. Start the party with these easy to make accessories. This is what you will need to make them.


– toilet rolls
– newspaper paper
– silver foil
– wallpaper glue
– tissue paper
– head band
– hot glue gun
– sturdy wooden scewers
– paint
– varnish
– brushes
– optional glitter, sequins, ribbon and lace

Step 1.
Crumple the toilet roll until you have made a nice basic shape of a horn. Make two of them.

Step 2.
Wrap the horns in newspaper to make them sturdy and thicker.

Step 3.
Now do the same with the silver foil. Wrap it around your horn shape and knead it well in the shape you want.

Step 4.
Cut narrow strips of newspaper and stick them on the silver foil horns. Do this a number of times so that they become firm.

Step 5.
Now stick the tissue paper over the horns to make the horns smoother. The tissue paper often gives a nice texture. Let everything dry well.

Step 6.
Here we use a hot glue gun. Watch out, because these get very hot. Melt two holes in your head band with your hot glue gun. Here you atatch the sturdy wooden scewers.
Be careful not to stick the scewers to far into the head band otherwise your head will no longer fit into the head band. Glue them well and let everything dry.

Step 7.
Stick your horns on the wooden scewers. Glue them down with your hot glue gun. Allow everything to dry before continuing.

Step 8.
Stick newspaper on the head band and the horns so that they stay in place. Let it dry well.

Step 9.
Paint everything in a nice colour. You can also use multiple colours, glitter or sequins, ribbon and lace. Make a stunning head piece to wear with your Halloween costum.

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