Delft Blue tiles

The world famous Delft blue tiles were already very popular in the sixteenth century. It was a sign of status and whole walls were covered with them. The images on the Delft blue tiles vary from traditional images such as dogs, cats, windmills and also miscievious scenes …

These little Delft blue tiles have also inspired us. During the art classes for children, our young pupils have made their own Delft blue tiles with tulips, children playing, spinning windmills, old-fashioned clogs and even a cyclist battling against the wind. Come and visit the exhibition yourself. If you do not have the opportunity to come by, you can also view it online here.


Every month there is a new exhibition on the studio wall. You can view the previous works of art here in the exhibition playlist. We like it when you leave a message under the movie and let us know what you think of it. Do you live in the vicinity of The Hague and would you also like to take part in a trial class? Send us an e-mail and we can make an appointment. Who knows, you might also make Delft blue tile. If you do not live nearby, you can also join us online. We have a Youtube Channel with great drawing, painting and craft ideas. Soon there will be projects online for the holidays. Join in and take a look here.

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