December Gift Box

Come and take a look…. I have put together this December Gift Box especially for my young creative students at Studio Jocelyn. You can enjoy it during the month of December and also in January when the next art course starts up again! I won’t reveal exactly what’s in the December Gift Box, but I can let you know that you will enjoy making beautiful drawings and paintings with fabulous art materials. It shiny and it glitters like you’ve never seen before!

When I put together this December Christmas Box for you, my hands started to itch…. I can’t wait to work with all these wonderful art materials…. Let’s get started right away!


With these unique colours you can make brilliant art work and paint beautiful Christmas cards. I’ve added some fun and exclusive templates to the December Gift Box especially for Christmas. Also good to know, in January, when the new course year starts, we will also be using these art materials.


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Art Materials
-Drawing material
-Painting material
-Different types and sizes of surfaceses
-Lots of glitter, glamor and December atmosphere

– Exclusive Christmas Card Templates

Have fun with your December Gift Box,

Best colourful wishes,