Custom made workshops for schools, museums, team building events and parties or just for the fun of it.

We organise several different kinds of workshops. Materials are included in the price along with refreshments. Choose one of the following themes for your event.

Zentangle drawing

Mindfulness and creativity come together during this Zentangle Workshop. During the workshop you will learn about the techniques of Zentangling. Slowly but surely, almost magically a pattern will appear on your paper. Adding colour and shading you will create a beautiful piece of art.

Relax, improve your hand-eye co√∂rdination and focus. You don’t need any artistic talent for this workshop, just some patience and concentration. You can’t fail!

Cardboard Portraits

Cut and paste a self portrait from different kinds of cardboard. We use brown, white, grey, thick, thin, spotted and speckled cardboard. Let’s see if you recognise each other in the portraits! These pieces of art are great to hang up in your office.


Plastic animals

A durable workshop with a Recycle theme. We use brightly coloured recycled plastic and other refuse to make these fantastic objects. Let your imagination go wild and create your own art. Be inspired by the colours, shapes and materials. While you make your creation you suddenly realise what an awful lot of plastic we use and throw away on a daily basis…