Create your own home art studio

Do you have lots of art materials? Pens, pencils, markers, paint brushes, tubes of paint, paper, sketch pads, erasers, scissors and things like these?
How do you organise all your art supplies so that you know exactly where everything is?

Organize your home art studio so that you can grab what you need when you need it.
I have been looking for the ideal home art studio for a while now and this is my solution!
With a few practical ideas you can also create a functional and inspiring home art studio.

This is a wooden wall with holes in it so that you dcan attach trays, hooks, pegs, baskets and shelves and even fairy lights. Here you can store all your markers, brushes, pencils, drawing pads and the like.

I keep even more pens, pencils, markers and loose materials in these wooden storage drawers. I painted the drawers white so that it matches the rest of my studio. You can paint them in any color to match the colours and interior of your room.

Paper towl dispenser
This paper roll dispenser is so handy in my studio! I attached it to the underside of a shelf so that I can easily reach it and tear off a piece with one hand. This dispenser is very easy to install, you don’t need any screws!

Fairy lights
You can add fairy lights for some extra ambiance…

I hope you will create your own inspiring art studio at home and create more wonderful art work.