Crafting Sinterklaas’ horse from recycled cardbaord

We will be crafting Sinterklaas’ horse from recycled cardboard. Take a look in your paper bin for empty cardboard boxes. The outside of boxes are often printed with bright colours, but the inside usually has a nice neutral gray or white colour. Perfect material to craft Amerigo,  Sinterklaas’ horse.

To make it easy for you, we have added the template here for you to download. You can cut out Amerigo’s neck, head and ears on paper and use it as a template to cut your own bits of horse. Watch the video ‘Amerigo collage‘ here to see how we do it. Templates: Studio-Jocelyn-Amerigo-collage-01 and Studio-Jocelyn-Amerigo-collage-02

Now you have cut out the head, neck and ears of white and gray cardboard. You can make the eyes out of coloured cardboard that you will probably find in your paper bin. Find something black or brown and do not forget to stick a nice white dot in his eye. Then you create a beautiful sparkle in his eye.

Now let’s apply some detail. At the bottom of the neck you can also apply some white speckles, that will look great. Use dark colours to create a nostril and a smiling mouth. You can cut the mane from cardboard or maybe you will find special filling material like we did. Be creative and use what you have at hand.

Now add a carrot in the horse’s mouth. We used pieces of felt so that they stand out nicely against the recycled white and gray cardboard. Stick everything together and you have a fantastic Sinterklaas horse.

These are some creations made by kids in the fifth grade at a Primary school in The Hague. See how they did it here.

Do you want to make more great Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet craft projects? View our Sinterklaas playlist here. Make the Big Book of Sinterklaas, or a colourful portrait of Sinterklaas or Zwarte Piet. To make it easy we have added the templates for you. Follow the link and get crafting!

Have lots of fun.


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