Christmas exhibition 2018

Our Christmas exhibition 2018 is now online here. Beautiful Christmas balls made with silver foil embossed motifs and markers. During the drawing and painting classes, all pupils designed a unique Christmas ball and incorporated their name and a Christmas wish in their own language. This Christmas decoration is not only beautiful in daylight, but is also very atmospheric with Christmas lights.

If you would like to make a Christmas bauble like these, then you need this:

– newspaper
– a round object around which to draw such as a sign
– silver foil
– Biro
– marker pens
– coloured cardboard
– glue

Step 1. Put a few of pages of newspapers on your table. This ensures that your surface is soft enough and your ballpoint pen will not make a hole in your silver foil. Put your silver foil on the  newspapers.

Step 2. Place the plate on your silver foil and draw a circle around it with your ballpoint pen. Now you have a perfectly round shape for the Christmas bauble.

Step 3. Make a beautiful Christmas design with your ballpoint pen in the circle. The more lines and shapes you make the more relief is created. You can also occasionally turn over your silver foil and make some lines on the back. You will see that this has a nice effect.

Step 4. Colour your design with marker pens and cut it out carefully. Stick it on a coloured piece of paper and hang it in your tree or on your wall.

View the tutorial on this technique and try it yourself. You can also make Christmas trees or Christmas stars in addition to Christmas balls.

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