Birthday parties

It’s your Birthday and you want to celebrate in style! Book and Online Birthday party in our digital Art Studio. We have the perfect Birthday workshop for you! Make unique and personalised stickers with your birthday friends.

Join with friends from all over
Together with your friends you log in to our digital art studio with a Zoom session. You can all join from the same kitchen table or perhaps you want your friends from further away to join in! Up to 15 friends can join your Online Birthday party in this sticker workshop.

You can make stickers to decorate your water bottle, agenda, notebook or phone case. Decorate in style and customise your favourite items with your own designs.

Art material
Before the date of your art party we will send you the art materials by post, Sticker paper, permanent black markers and the templates. *spoiler alert* – we also include an additional art lesson for free!
You will also need some some felt tipped pen to decorate your stickers.

This workshop is an hour long and costs 25 euro’s per child.

For more information send an e-mail to