Autumn tree made of buttons

This autumn tree is made from lots of old buttons. Large and small buttons in many different colours and shapes. Make a collage of buttons and create a nice autumn scene. I found the buttons in a thrift shop.

You need this and that’s how you make it.
a piece of cardboard or an MDF board
– lots of buttons

First design the shape of the tree that you want to make. How large do you want to make the trunk and how many branches are going to add? Use brown buttons for the tree trunk and branches. You can use coloured buttons for the branches. Use autumn colours like red, orange, yellow or green, or a combination of gold and silver buttons.

Make sure that everything is stuck down and let everything dry well. You can attach a hook to the back of your MDF board so that you can hang it on the wall.

Have fun making.

We have many more fun autumn projects that are suitable to make at home or in the classroom. For example a cute hedgehog or a red and white toadstool. Yellow toadstools or long toadstools and much more. You can find these creative projects on this website or on our YouTube Channel. If you subscribe you will receive a message when our next project is online.

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