Autumn crafting with children

Autumn is a wonderful season and is a great season to make beautiful creative things with children. Below you can see a number of examples of painting projects for children with the autumn theme. A cute hedgehog and different types of toadstools.


This is what you need

– Pieces of sturdy cardboard in approximately A4 or A3 format
– Pencil
– Black marker
– Acrylic paint red, yellow, green, white and black
– Brushes
– Piece of cardboard to stamp with

Watch the following videos to see how you can make the cute hedgehogs and the different types of toadstools. This type of art work looks great hanging together in the class room or hall way.

Have fun making these autumn paintings

How to paint a cute hedgehog

How to paint a yellow toadstool

How to paint long and thin toadstools

How to paint red and white toadstools

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