Art Therapy for children

Do you know how powerful the magic of drawing is? Children that draw are calmer and more relaxed. When you spend time drawing, you don’t think of anything else but drawing. You are in the ‘here and now’. Your thoughts are busy with making lines, shapes and colour.

Let me be honest… When I was a young child I was very unsure and insecure. Dutch (We live in The Netherlands) wasn’t my first language. My parents came from the United Kingdom and we spoke English at home. When I started going to preschool I learned my first Dutch words. ‘I need to go to the toilet and I am thirsty.’ I learned my Dutch while playing with other toddlers.

Fotografie – Sanne Bas

Then I started primary school and we learned how to read and write. Long story short, we found out that I had dyslexia and I found reading and writing difficult. In the ’80, when I went to primary school, there wasn’t a lot known about dyslexia. There was not a lot of help at school. I got remedial teaching outside of school which was time consuming and very costly.

These words made me so angry! I was already a go-getter, but these words made me in to a Pitbull.

I couldn’t finish exams and tests in time and reading aloud in class was so hard and embarrasing. When my parents went to one of the teacher parents meeting, my teacher told them: ‘She’s just not that bright.’ These words made me so angry! I was already a go-getter, but these words made me a right Pitbull.
I thought: ‘I will show you what I am made of.’ With lot’s of perseverence and fortitude I finished primary school with flying colours. Top grades!
My teacher who wants told my parents that I was not that bright was very surprised!

I started secondary school and finished it also with high grades and went on to study Communications. Studying became a bit of an addiction as I followed more and more courses.
(That is a whole other story, perhaps for another time)

Drawings from my childhood – Lion
Drawings from my childhood – Panda
Drawings from my childhood – Veraan








The Magic of drawing…
In my primary school years I drew a lot in my spare time. This helped me a lot! I could spend hours and hours creating beautiful pictures on my own. It calmed me down and when I finished a piece it gave me a very proud feeling. My parents and friends would complement me and encourage me to carry on and draw more. Because of this my self-confidence grew and it made me more sure of myself as child. I thought to myself: ‘You see, I am smart, I am good at this.’ By practicing my drawings got better and better.

I am a real expert by experience

Drawing Therapy for children
I am a real expert by experience. That happy and confident feeling that I used to got as I child, I now pass on to other children who are having a hard time, what every their reason may be. Some children are shy and quite. Others lack self-confidence and have a negative self-image. Or they have a trauma to deal with and have a hard time because of fear of failure. There are also children in the autistic spectrum who I help improve their social confidence. And of course children who are not understood by others because they are having to deal with dyslexia.

Mijn tekeningen van vroeger – De roze panter
Mijn tekeningen van vroeger – De IJsvogel

Draw and get more confidence
I want to pass on the magic power of drawing…
I create a safe and comfortable space for creative children with similar interests where we make wonderful pieces of art and learn new art skills. A place where they can be themselves and hang out together. During my Online Art Classes I create an environment with a positive vibe and give my pupils encouraging feedback so that they can learn and grow. I have helped many hundreds of children through my art studio over the years. It is something I am passionate about.







I have helped many hundreds of children through my art studio over the years. It is something I am passionate about.

Online Art Classes
Creative children with a passion for drawing join my classes. A young and friendly crowd comes together every week and they support each other and give each other compliments.
We get together every week and create a new piece of art. After each session the children share their artwork in our Whatsapp art group where I give them feedback and support. They encourage each other and share compliments about each other’s artwork. If you would like to try out an online art class and come and taste the atmosphere, send me an e-mail!


“My daughter has joined Jocelyn’s Online Art Classes and she loves it! My daughter has dyslexia and has a hard time reading and writing. She finds her strength in being social with other like-minded children and in being creative. To give her more self-confidence we signed her up for Jocelyn’s Online Art Classes. What a hit! Beaming with pride she comes downstairs and shows us what she has created. She is constantly learning new techniques and her art skills are improving. It’s also very practical these classes being online. She doesn’t have to miss any on vacations or when she visits her Grandparents.” – Indie’s mother






Online Art Classes for children


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