Art materials for students

Ohuhu Markers & Paper
These Ohuhu markers are alcohol based. Every pen has two nibs, a flexibel brush point on one side and a chizle on the other side. The flexible brush tip feels like you are working with water, but because it blends very well with all the colours in the set without actually using water. These pens come in a handy bag with zip. There is even an little colour chart inside which you can fill in yourself to check all your colours. These markers work best on Ohuhu thick and smooth paper, see the next paper product. Take a look here, the marker sets come in different sizes. Choose which ever size markers and paper you prefer.

This is a super handy drawing book! It has a ringed spine so the paper stays flat when you draw on it. It comes with a plastic sheet to between your pages to prevent ink going through to your next page. This smooth and 200 gram paper is ideal for your Ohuhu markers and also works well with pencils, charcoal, inks and more!

Light Pad
We use the Light Pad during most online art classes. This helps you to draw an acurate picture.

Not necessary, but good to have…