Art materials for students

Up until the summer vacation we are going to be using Water colour pencils made by Koh – i – Noor. We have some inspiring art project lined up for you!  I have selected and tested all these products my self to make sure that they are of good quality. Let’s make some more great art work!

You can choose one of these pencil sets, small, medium or large and one of the paper sorts. Both work will together. Please make sure that you have good quality water colour rushes, such as the ones I have suggested in the list below.

You might already have these art materials, or something similar, then you are all set up for the art lessons. 
If you need to purchase the items, you can use the links below to order your art materials. This list works best if you live in The Netherlands. This company delevers all art materials to your door, usually arrive within a week or so…

If you live elsewhere in the world, Amazon or your local art store will have similar art materials.  

Light Pad