Art materials for students

We are working with Acrylic paints from the brand Amsterdam. It’s a good quality product. I have selected and tested all these products my self to make sure that they are of good quality. Use the links below to order what you need. This company, delevers all art materials to your door and usually they arrive within a week or so…



This set of acrylic paint from the brand Amsterdam is of high quality. With these primary colours we will be mixing a large variety of different colours to produce nice art work. The tubes are 120 ml, enough to make quite a few art projects. The metallic paint has a wonderful glow to it and we will be using it in some art projects. You have a choice of a few different options, just one tube will do nicely, pick which ever metallic colour you want.


You can choose one of the watercolour block. It is suitable for Acrylic paint.

Paint Brushes

It is important to use good quality paint brushes. You can use either set, choose which ever one you prefer.


We use this tape to stick down our paper to some cardboard of plastic sheet so that it won’t buckle or slide about when we work on the paper.

Storage Palette

This tupperware box is used as a storage palette for your paint. When you have some paint left over you can store it in here so that it will not dry out. It will keep for a couple of extra days.

And also…

We also need some silver foil for the storage palette and some cardboard or a plastic sheet to keep your working space clean and paint free. It is also handy to have a hair dryer handy if you have one in the house. We use the dryer to dry the paint a little faster. I will show you how to use all these items during the art lessons.