Art for WWF Tiger project

Every year we make art and raise money for a good cause. This year is the Tiger project for the World Wildlife Fund. In recent months we have drawn and painted a lot of tigers together and the results are amazing!

View our Tiger Art Exhibition here and help us raise money for these beautiful animals.

When you send a text message to 4333 with the words: Tijger Kunst ,you donate € 3.00 to this charity. You can also donate a different amount via Ideal.

With the money we collect for the WWF, surveillance teams are set up with help from the residents and local tiger protectors in the parks. The people there receive extra training and equipment to help the tigers. Of course, the WWF also remains active in setting up new tiger reserves. Sometimes it is possible to connect the national parks with special tiger routes. Through these strips of land they can safely move from one protected area to another. This way the tigers enlarge their hunting area and they can easily come together to mate.

Take a look on the WWF website to see how much money we have already raised! You can transfer an amount up until Sunday 3 June.

The tiger is powerful and strong. Yet he needs our help! There are only 3900 tigers left in the wild. And that is far too little. That is why we need to help double the tiger population.

The latest counts indicate that the number of tigers in the wild has increased for the first time in a long while. If things go to plan, there is a chance that the target of six thousand tigers will be reached in the next Year of the Tiger, 2022.

Let’s help to protect this magnificent cat. Text:  Tijger Kunst ,to 4333 and donate € 3.00.

Thank you.


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