An art class for the 4th grade

I was asked to give a drawing lesson in the fourth grade of my son’s school. Of course I will. I do this every year, just because it’s such fun to do! All those enthusiastic little faces… So, we needed something colorful, personal and easy to hang up in the classroom and in the hallway. I browsed through my art archive for a while and came up with the perfect art project.

They have a smart board in the class room which is a great gadget. I played my tutorial (here is something I prepared earlier) online on YouTube to show them how to get started. The lesson was about contrasting colors. Orange – blue, yellow – purple, green – red. To support the lesson I had made this color wheel that was hung in the classroom. The teacher had already prepared all the materials so we were good to go. If you also want to try out this project, you will need:

– a sheet of A4 white paper (preferably 100 grams)
– pencil
– ruler
– black marker
– Oil crayons in yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red and black
– black paper slightly larger than A4 to frame the drawing.
– glue
– newspapers on the table to keep everything clean
Step 1
Place your A4 paper horizontally in front of you and put a dot approximately in the middle of your sheet with a pencil.

Step 2
Make a cross through your dot with your ruler. Then also draw a horizontal line. You have now drawn six boxes on your paper.

Step 3
Now draw the letters of your name on your paper. Set them so that all boxes have a piece of letter.
Make your letters hollow so that you can color them later.

Step 4
When you are satisfied with your letters, trace all drawn lines and letters with a black marker. Rub away any pencil lines that might be left.

Step 5
Start on the top right corner with the color orange. Color the shape and leave the pieces letter white.
Color the letter parts in orange in the opposite box.

Step 6
The next box, bottom right you color with yellow. The opposite box gets yellow letter parts.

Step 7
So you go around until you have filled all the boxes and letters.

The result is very colorful and has a great vibe. It will cheer up your classroom and school hallway. What eyecatchers, any teacher would be proud to hang these up on the wall. Enjoy… 
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