About Jocelyn

She is passionate about designing and creating al kinds of art. From drawings and paintings to clothing and jewelery. Besides that she inspires people by helping them to develop their artistic confidence and skills during art classes and workshops.

From a very young age she was surrounded by everything artistic and to this day it is still a big part of her life. During her study “Applied Media Communications” at the Ichthus Hogeschool in Rotterdam, she studied graphic design complimented with marketing and public relations. These studies were futher followed by additional art courses at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam, the Art Academy in The Hague and the Open College of Art in England.

“Jocelyn Jones is a creative and out of the box thinking artist.”

After a few years in Marketing and Public Relations, she choose to persue the more artistic side of her personality. She organised workshops in her mothers Studio, Studio Jean. They are a mother and daughter team and complement each others skills perfectly. Studio Jocelyn focuses on the creative, painting and drawing classes for children and short workshops for adults.

Jocelyn: “We work as a mother and daughter team and complement each other perfectly.”

Besides teaching art she is in the process of writing and illustrating her first children’s book, inspired by the life experiences of her own young son.

‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’ – Edgar Degas