About Jocelyn

Jocelyn doesn’t go anywhere without a sketch book and enjoys making marks where ever she goes… From a very young age she was surrounded by art and craft supplies and to this day it is still a big part of her life.

During her study “Applied Media Communications” at the Ichthus Hogeschool in Rotterdam, she studied graphic design complimented with marketing and public relations. These studies were further followed by additional education at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam, the Art Academy in The Hague and the Open College of Art in England.

Studio Jocelyn
As a child Jocelyn faced dealing with challenges of dyslexia. Drawing, painting and creating was a great escape in Jocelyn’s childhood and later on in life she realised that using art as an escape actually helped her a great deal in overcoming the challenges in school. “This is how I want to help children who are dealing with similar issues”.

In 2008 she started up her own art studio – Studio Jocelyn – where she teaches children how to draw and paint in a fun and safe environment. Since she started this art studio in 2008 she has helped many hundreds of children with low self-esteem and confidence issues to blossom in to the person that they want to become. Recently, due to the Pandemic, Jocelyn’s teaches art classes online, for everybody in the world to join. She teaches children all over the world – time zone permitting of course.

Dutch Art Box
Jocelyn is co-founders of the Dutch Art Box together with her mother and business partner Jean Elliot. This online platform provides a meeting point for creative people. It’s a place where artist can inspire each other and where creative people can join art courses and workshops and create beautiful pieces of art that they are proud of. “When our followers share with us how pleased they are with their new art work, it brings a smile to our faces.” Visit the Dutch Art Box here www.dutchartbox.com.

‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see’ – Edgar Degas